Are you ready to experience alignment, power, and joy?

You know how to do things the masculine way. It's all you've ever been taught. But the masculine way alone isn't serving you. It's causing burnout, depletion, overwhelm, low energy, poor confidence, and feeling like you need to control everything.

The feminine collective is awakening, and you get to be a part of it.

 You get to follow your heart, fulfill your desires, and live your passion.

This is such a relevant and needed subject, and it's just the beginning of a cultural shift that will benefit us all!

If you're looking for some guidance to step into your feminine power to incorporate more ease, joy, and pleasure in your life and attract your desires, then you're ready for this course.

It includes 30 activities to guide you through the 5 Steps of Accessing Your Feminine Power, or birthing the Goddess version of you.

They can be incorporated into your routine in about 15 min a day, yet bring powerful results.

You also get Bonuses

Productive like a Goddess

learn how to use the energy of your inner seasons to plan your optimal productivity without burnout

Empowered through the Seasons  

learn how to use seasonal energy to amplify your self development and healing

1 Year Membership to the group Oh Shift! Here We Grow

where each week I'll go live to coach you on the energy that's showing up and do some healing work with you on the blocks that may surface to support you towards growing into the highest version of you, and achieving your transformations!! 

Along with daily text affirmation to help you achieve a high, positive vibration, and step further into your Goddess energy.


Kaluwa is an Empowerment Coach and Executive Consultant. She has become a queen of transformation. After years of believing that a joyful, abundant life is for other people and falling into depletion from people-pleasing, she began a journey of self-discovery, upgraded worthiness, mindset shifts, and a connection to the divine feminine. She empowered herself to create a life she loves, make the money she desires, and receive unconditional joy. Stepping further and further into her power, she is bringing a sisterhood of women with her that feel there’s more to life than suffering in toxic relationships or environments and living on auto-pilot.

Course curriculum

    1. Connect to Your Body Intro

    2. Breath Connection

    3. Circles

    4. Spinal Undulations

    5. Womb Connection

    6. Shaking

    7. Dance of the Divine Feminine

    1. Upgrade Your Worthiness Intro

    2. Money

    3. Pleasure & Joy

    4. Confidence

    5. Authentic Voice

    6. Being Seen

    7. Expansion

    1. Feel & Heal Intro

    2. Connect With Your Inner Child

    3. Play With Your Inner Child

    4. Heal Your Inner Child

    5. Heal Your Generation Trauma - Maternal Family

    6. Heal Your Generational Trauma - Paternal Family

    7. Heal Past Life Patterns

    1. Release Intro

    2. Honor Your Feelings

    3. Releasing Others

    4. Resentment

    5. Self Forgiveness

    6. Heart & Womb Connection Meditation

    7. Throat & Womb Connection Meditation

    1. Become a Goddess Intro

    2. Connect With Your Goddess Meditation

    3. Connect through Nature

    4. Make your Environment Worthy

    5. Treat Yourself Like a Queen

    6. Be the Goddess

    1. Going Forward

About this course

  • $222.00
  • 37 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

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